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How much is a tire shredder machine?

Waste tire is really"treasure"

Many people know that waste tire is black treasure, but it must be rightly treated firstly. If with no treatment, just throw anywhere, the waste tire is not treasure, it is rubbish, not only take large land, but also pollute people’s living environment. So how to make waste tire into black treasure, it is a systemic solution. In this solution, a waste tire shredder machine is a key equipment. So we often received enquiry that how much is a tire shredder machine?

How much is a tire shredder machine?

How much is a tire shredder machine? This is a concerned question if you want to make the waste tire to treasure. Because a tire shredder machine is an important equipment in the waste tire disposal solution. But this is a hard question to answer. Because there are many factors will make different tire shredder price.

tire shredder machine

The factors affecting the tire shredder machine price

So what are the factors to make different tire shredder machine price? First factor is the waste tire diameter, we choose different shredder chamber size based on the waste tire diameter, and also it the waste tire diameter ≥800mm, the bead wire must be pulled out first. The second factor is the capacity needed every hour, for example to deal with 1 ton per ,3 tons per hour, 5 tons per hour waste tire, the tire shredder machine model will be totally different. There are also other factors to affect the price of a tire shredder machine. So when you know how much is a tire shredder machine, call me, you will get the right tire shredder machine you need.

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