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How much is a tire shredder

Waste tire recycling is a very popular during solid waste recycling, so I often hear from my customer that how much is a tire shredder? Actually this is not an easy question, the price of a tire shredder is determined by many aspects.

tire shredder

First what kind of waste tire will be disposed, car tire, truck tire or more big tire? It will be helpful to know the tire diameter. The waste tire diameter is an important to choose the tire shredder model.

Second what's the final tire size is needed, some customer only need tire strips, some customers need chips, some need tire particles, some need tire powder, this is determined by the final use. So knowing the final needed tire size, we can know only a singe shredder is needed or a complete production line is needed.

Third, the capacity is needed. Thant means you should know how many tires you can collect and calculate the tire should be recycled every hour.

Knowing the tire diameter, the final size is needed, the capacity is needed, we can design the suitable solution and of course the price is clear.

So if you want to know how much is a tire shredder, call us to tell your demand, you will get a complete solution.

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