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How much is the bulky waste shredder?

Bulky waste take people great difficulties during the daily life, for example, when you want to change a new mattress, how do dispose the old one? Throw it directly? Or other way? If the old mattress is very bad, you can only throw it away directly, but the mattress take large place, will take bad influence to our living environment. So we should have a suitable way to dispose the bulky waste. In this background, many people is doing this bulky waste recycling business. So we often receive enquiry from our customers that how much is a bulky waste shredder?

Actually it is not a easy questions, because many factors will influence the price of the bulky waste shredder, for example, what kind of bulky waste it is? Wood furniture? Mattress? According to different material, the shredder model and the shredder design will be different. And what's the final shredded size demand? Some customers will need below 100mm products, some customers only need to reduce the volume. The design will be totally different. And also the capacity will be different, if you need a 50 tons per hour, the bulky waste shredder recommended is totally different from the 10 tons per hour. Also maybe some customers need also packing machine and dust control system, but some customers don't need.

bulky waste shredder

So based on every exact demand about the bulky waste shredder, we can recommend you very suitable solution to ensure the bulky waste shredder in good working operation and also in good price.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

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