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How to choose a solid waste shredder?

With the solid waste recycling development, more and more solid waste are treated instead of the early way that throw it to the landfill directly. In this recycling process, a good quality solid waste shredder is very important, no matter the waste is bulky waste, garden waste, industry waste, biomass, solid waste shredder is the necessary machine. But how to choose a good solid waste shredder?

First, the machining is very important, good machining ability can ensure the precision, which will influence the shredder quality. GEP Ecotech has strong machining ability, so the main parts, for example the shredder chamber, the cutter machining, the main shaft machining can be controlled in high standard.

Second, the material of the main parts is important, it will influence the working life of the spare parts, the shredder work performance, GEP Ecotech choose world famous brand material, for example, the movable cutter is important from Europe, it can work for long time than many common material, the main shaft material be made heat treatment to improve the strength, the bearing brand is FAG, all these good material make the shredder in a good working condition.

Third, whether the shredder is easy to operate, low power consumption, few labour, easy maintenance, GEP Ecotech use GI intelligent control system, which can monitor the shredder working condition to improve the work efficiency, reduce the fault, which will reduce the operation cost.

I think you know how to choose a good solid waste shredder now, come to GEP Ecotech, we will provide you our professional solution.

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