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How to choose a waste tire recycling production line?

Waste tire is called black garbage, it will make pollution to our environment and also take large land, but if can be also recycled for other usage after proper disposal. So we often hear customers that I want to do the tire recycling, how to start? Today I will share a real case, you may know how to start a waste tire recycling production line.

waste tire

One day, my client Johnny called me: Hi Anna, I want to do a waste tire recycling business, how to start? I answered: first I should know your exact demand, so I asked several questions to confirm:

What kind of waste tire will be disposed? What's the diameter?

What's the final size needed?

What's capacity needed per hour?

I get the answer is that he want to recycle the car tire with diameter no more than 800mm, the final size needed is 50mm tire chips for Pyrolysis for electricity generation, and the capacity need is 3 tons per hour.

Knowing the demand, I answers Johnny that, I will recommend you a complete production line: first the waste tire will be put on the chain belt conveyor, and are sent to the double shaft shredder by the chain belt conveyor, then the waste tire will be shredded bu double shaft shredder, the final size after double shaft shredder is about 50X200mm tire strips, so we add a rotary screen around the double shaft shredder, the screen mesh size is 50mm, the tire chips small than 50mm will be discharged, the tire chips bigger than 50mm will be shredded again, then the qualified tire chips will be delivered to the cracking furnace by a belt conveyor. This is the whole tire shredding production.

waste tire recycling production line

We can recommend suitable different tire recycling production line according to different project demand, call us to get your solution.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

Don't worry, we will help you design a one-stop solution, providing you with satisfactory service.


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