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How to choose bulky waste disposal system

Bulky waste is very difficult to deal with because it’s big volume, it is not only take large land, but also pollute the environment. So proper way to dispose bulky waste is very important. Gep Ecotech designed bulky waste disposal system to solve this problem.

The bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of chain plate conveyor, double shaft shredder, magnetic separator, dust suppressionsystem and intelligent control system. Bulkywaste is a kind of domestic waste which is difficult to dispose. It is not convenient to clear and transport, the transportation cost is also high. Conventional sanitation does not include bulky waste in the collection and transportation system. In order to solve the problem of being surrounded by waste, GEP researched and designed the production line of intelligent bulky waste disposal system based on the its characteristics, combined with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and intelligent technology.

bulky waste disposal system

The Bulky waste disposal system can be used in many industry, for example: Processing into colored sponge, can be used to produce elastic materials;Theraw material can be recycled to make refined iron; Secondary use to make plate; burning as fuel for power generation;It can be made into composite material, thermal insulation material and filling material; it can be used as regenerated fiber to make textile; Ascasting solvent, transformation and utilization,recycling and reuse;

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