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How to choose large scale double-shaft shredder

GEP ECOTEH production of large-scale double-shaft shredder has been strongly recognized by the majority of customers due to its excellent quality and meticulous service. The large-scale double-shaft shredder has a variety of uses. Domestic waste, large pieces of garbage, tire crushing, biomass straw, garden wood, etc. can be broken, which is more conducive to recycling, which can be said to be more convenient and beneficial. Now the shredder technology is mature, and there are many types of large-scale double-shaft shredder. According to different crushing materials, the shredder equipment used is different. As a shredder manufacturer, GEP will tell you about several types of double shaft shredder equipment.

How to choose large scale double-shaft shredder

Bulky wastes are usually used sofas, mattresses, tables and other large items. This kind of larger size can choose the GEP GBL series double-shaft shear type shredder, and the GP series primary can also be selected. These shredding equipment also has different models, according to your size and output of raw materials, GEP ECOTECH will also customize crusher equipment for you.

For domestic waste, recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other garbage. According to this situation, GW series mobile solid waste shredder and GD, GH series double-shaft shearing type shredder can be selected.

Waste tire is internationally recognized as hazardous waste, known as "black pollution". 58% of the tire composition comes from natural rubber and synthetic rubber with coal, oil and natural gas as the main raw materials, but most of these can not be decomposed by nature. The increasing "black pollution" has caused serious pressure and damage to China's ecological environment. For waste tires shredding and recycling, GEP GDT series of double-shaft shearing type shredder can also be selected.

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Benefiting from deep technical strength and years of accumulated experience, GEP Ecotech optimizes the processing technology of different materials to help users improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve safety, and increase profitability.