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How to choose qualified waste tire shredder price

In today's fast-growing countries, the number of cars has been increasing, and the corresponding number of used tires is rising. At present, more and more customers need to buy waste tireshred, mainly used for shreddingwaste tires, recycling rubbersaftershredding, which has high economic value. The reuse of waste tire resources, whether from the policy level, technical and market demand, isgood industry,

According to the market demand,GEP ECOTECHhas developed GDT waste tire shredderequipment. The equipment is an environmental protection and energy saving tireshredding equipment with energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction as the design concept, and each technical index conforms to the national standard. The cutter useEuropeanimported materials, which is durable and has a goodseparatoreffect on the steel wire in the tire. Compact overall structure, low speed, high torque, low vibration, low noise, meet environmental requirements.

waste tire shredder

Waste tire shredder also have different model, the model is also different, its output, discharge size, broken cavity and so on are different, the price will also have certain difference naturally, therefore, the user should choose the appropriate model size according to the material nature when choosing the waste tireshredder.

In fact, the price of waste tireshredderhas a certain relationship with function, equipment material, the same equipment selected from different manufacturers, using different materials and different processing technology, the price of waste tire shredderwill have a certain difference. So when you plan to purchase a waste tire shredder, compare different manufacturer is necessary.

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