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How to choose the suitable solid waste shredder

With the continuous development of technology, solid waste shredders are also upgrading. The materials broken by different shredders are also different, so how to choose suitable ones? As a manufacturer of shredder equipment, GEP ECOTECH has provided many customers with technical solutions for shredder equipment, and it still has the right to speak. Here is how to select the appropriate shredder equipment for you, hoping to help you.

How to choose the suitable solid waste shredder

Before we choose the solid waste shredder equipment, we must first know what the material we are crushing is, the size of the material, the size of the discharge, and what the ingredients are. These are closely related to how to choose shredder equipment. The crushing strength of the shredder equipment with different strength is also different. It is necessary to recommend the appropriate shredder equipment according to the size of the material. If these are clear, basic can be a good choice of shredder equipment.

The output requirement is also very important. The shredder equipment used to process 1t or 6T in one hour is different. The size of the material shredded by the shredder is determined by the width of the shredder blade. So you can choose your own shredder.

After reading the above, do you know something about choosing solid waste shredder equipment? If you have any questions, you can also consult the customer service website or call the service hotline to explain your material information to us. We will recommend appropriate shredder equipment for you according to your material situation. After selection, we will also provide you with technical solutions. If you sometimes visit our factory, GEP ECOTECH is looking forward to your visit.

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