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How to differentiate the cutter’s quality of double-shaft shredder

The cutter is equivalent to the "heart" of the double-shaft shredder. The quality of the cutter is directly related to the efficiency of the double-shaft shredder. Before purchasing the shredder, it is necessary to carefully examine the cutter of the shredder and carefully identify the quality of the cutter.

How to differentiate the cutter’s quality of double-shaft shredder

The cutter price has accounted for a large part of the total price of the machine. Good double axis shredder has good quality, high hardness, long service life, and is not easy to break down.

How to differentiate the quality of a double-shaft shredder' cutter

In fact, it is very simple. If you want to identify the quality of the dual axis shredder's cutting tools, customers can take the materials with them to test the machine on site when they look at the equipment. In this way, we can directly see whether the double axis shredder can operate normally and the crushing effect, and then judge whether the quality of the cutter is qualified according to the operation condition of the cutter.

The cutters of GEP double shaft shredder can be customized according to the requirements of application. It has the advantages of uniform discharge, controllable size, large output and low noise. The cutters of the equipment are specially treated, and the quality control is strict. It is suitable for cutting various high strength materials. There are many models of shredder, the model of cutter is different, and the price of configuration is also different. This mainly depends on the specific needs of customers and friends.

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