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How to disposal bulky waste?

After sorting, some waste like sofa, mattress, furniture, this kind of waste is difficult to transport. This article I will introduce GEP bulky waste disposal shredding line and how to dispose bulky waste to solve waste in our life.

First of all, let’s see this big guy in the picture, a giant equipment can eat large pieces of material and output recycled waste.

This production line of bulky waste shredder adopts the advanced double-shaft shearing shredder as the core equipment, which equip two motors and two reducers as the driving unit. This line adopts chain plate conveyor for feeding, sealed belt conveyor for discharging, domestic advance self-unloading magnetic separator for iron removing, pulse dust collector for suppressing to ensure the environment of the project site. The material disposed by the shredding line can selectively enter the material transfer truck or the material stacking area of the bulky waste.

Through this article, do you have any idea on how to quickly dispose of bulky waste? With the advancement of waste classification, more and more regions have paid attention to this point. If you are worried about the disposal of this material, you may as well contact us directly, the project manager in our industry for many years will give you more professional and targeted answers.

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