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How to dispose of bulky waste as resources

How to dispose of bulky waste as resource? The abbreviation of large garbage is sofa, mattress and furniture. Various places require to reduce the volume of garbage as much as possible and make use of it as a resource. How to make use of it as a resource through equipment disposal? Today, GEP ECOTECH will take you to learn how to make use of waste furniture as a resource with bulky waste shredder.

How to dispose of bulky waste as resources

The sofa, mattress, furniture, etc. can be broken as small as possible through the recycling way of crushing large pieces of garbage. Then the sponge, fabric, wood and metal can be separated by a sorting machine. The sponge and fabric can be separated by another sorting machine, and the wood and metal can be separated by a magnetic separator. In this way, we can get four kinds of materials, that is, to realize the full mechanization Automatic disposal reduces manual work and improves disposal speed and quantity.

At present, there are mainly two ways to disposal bulky waste in the market

One is to decompose and subdivide bulky waste by manual splitting, which can be divided into wood, metal (mainly mattress springs), sponge, fabric and leather. For leather and fabric that can not be recycled, they are usually broken and burned. Wood and sponge can be packaged and sold, and metal can be directly sent to the scrap treatment plant for sale. The disadvantage is that the labor cost is high and the cost of dismantling is low It has the advantages of clean disassembly and high utilization.

The other is that all materials are crushed by a bulky waste shredder, and then metal is separated by magnetic separation, and the remaining materials are all transported out for incineration. The advantages are obvious volume reduction and reduction effect, fast processing speed and high efficiency, and the disadvantages are low resource utilization rate.

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