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How to start a waste tire recycling?

Why waste tire recycling is necessary?

Everyday we walk in the street, we see so many cars and we hate the traffic jam, at the same time, every year so many car tires are replaced by new one. The waste tires will make serious society problem, take large scale land to put the waste tire, bring serious pollution to the environment. So waste tire recycling is very necessary now. Good waste tire recycling can solve the environment pollution problem made by the black garbage and can also take good economic profit.

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How to start a waste tire recycling?

Before you want to start the waste tire recycling business, many information needs to be known, for example, what’s the government policy to recycle waste tires, what kind of waste tire final products are needed in the market, what equipment are needed to do waste tire recycling? Knowing these information first, we can start to do the waste tire recycling.

What waste tire recycling plant are needed?

When you invest the waste tire recycling plant, first the suppliers will ask you several questions to confirm demand:1. what kind of waste tire you will recycle? 2. What's the final product size you need? 3. What's the capacity per hour needed. When suppliers recommend you a waste tire recycling plant solution, pay attention to the raw material used, the supplier machining ability, the supplier after-sale service, the former similar case, through these information, you can know whether the supplier is a qualified manufacturer.

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Gep Ecotech has rich experience in solid waste recycling industry, we have exported many solid waste plants over the world including the waste tire recycling plant. Call us to get your waste tire recycling solution.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

Don't worry, we will help you design a one-stop solution, providing you with satisfactory service.


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