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Intelligent bulky waste disposal production line in northwest China has been smoothly collected thro

On January 17th, GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal production line completed the installation and commissioning work successfully in a garbage classification operation center of Northwest China, and formally put into use. The Northwest Garbage Classification Operating Center is an integrated project of intelligent garbage classification and recycling economy. It mainly includes hazardous waste temporary storage center, recycling resource sorting center, perishable waste disposal center, bulky waste dismantling center, fertilizer storage center, intelligent operation management platform comprehensive supervision and dispatching center, which solves the problem of mixed garbage disposal effectively.

Intelligent Bulky waste disposal production line in Northwest China has been smoothly collected through tests.

The operation center adopts the Internet & Recovery new recyclable material collection and transportation mode, starting from the three aspects of the front-end, middle-end and distal-end, through the integration and transformation of the existing recycling network, guides two network convergence of the domestic waste treatment network and the renewable resource recovery network, speeds up the construction of the renewable resource sorting center, solves the problem of the collection and transportation of the recyclables. After the waste operation center has been officially operated, garbage truck will be sent into the pilot area every day to collect the recyclable waste, perishable waste, other waste and harmful waste in the sorting bin, and transport them to the garbage sorting center separately. After preliminary screening by the center, the waste will be sorted and reused again, so as to realize the effective disposal of waste and recycling of resources.

Intelligent Bulky waste disposal production line in Northwest China has been smoothly collected through tests.

GEP Intelligent Bulky Waste Disposal Production Line has overcome the difficult problem successfully of breaking and selecting various bulky waste, which can meet the disposal requirements of garbage classification operation center. The operation of the production line will further improve the terminal treatment capacity of the Northwest Waste Classification Operating Center, and provide a strong guarantee for the reduction, resource utilization and harmless reuse of bulky waste.

Waste sorting is not only a simple physical sorting, but also a change in people's production and living concepts. The garbage classification work is interlinked, and the important part is distal-end. Generally, the weight of bulky waste is more than 5,000 grams, the volume is greater than 0.2 cubic meters, the length is greater than one meter. There is nowhere to place the bulky waste, which not only occupies the public space of the community, but also affects the appearance of the city. Bulky waste needs to be disassembled and disassembled because of its large volume and strong integrity, which is more difficult to deal with.

Intelligent Bulky waste disposal production line in Northwest China has been smoothly collected through tests.

According to the actual demands of f garbage classification operation center, GEP customized the solution of bulky waste, and designed this high-cpacity intelligent bulky waste disposal line. On the debug processing of intelligent bulky waste disposal production line, the domestic waste is fed by the artificial auxiliary grab, fed by the heave chain conveyor, and the bulky waste enters the upper shredding chamber. The shredder uses the working principle of cutting, tearing and extrusion between cutting tools to shredding materials, then attracts metal parts through the de-ironing separator for recycling and reusing. The rest of high calorific value waste is transported into the garbage truck, the whole process does not exceed one minute. Unlike the scene of dust flying in traditional bulky waste disposal, there is almost no dust in the work site of GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal production line. The production line is closed in the shredding and blanking area, the intelligent spray dust suppression system is equipped. The water mist and dust treatment is carried out according to the dust concentration of the air, which greatly improves the disposal environment of the production line. An old mattress can be easily disposed of in one minute during the whole process of production line disposal.

Intelligent Bulky waste disposal production line in Northwest China has been smoothly collected through tests.

In order to improve work efficiency and reduce workers' labor force, Intelligent Bulky Waste Disposal Production Line is equipped with GEP Patent Intelligent Monitoring System, which realizes the integration of management and control of solid waste shredding production line with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. Intelligent monitoring system is the basis of automation and intellectualization of modern production line control. It is a fast, efficient and automatic production line control equipment. GEP Intelligent Monitoring System is a real-time monitoring and statistics of the production situation of the whole production line, real-time monitoring of equipment and real-time statistics of data. Real-time visual monitoring video of each equipment is used to reproduce the workshop site and understand the production status in real time without leaving home. Production managers can monitor online video anytime and anywhere by using mobile app or computer to view the overall and partial details of production line.

Six Functions of Intelligent Monitoring System for Intelligent Bulky Waste Disposal Production Line

1. Data monitoring

Real-time display of important parameters data of production line equipment operation can query all kinds of original data collected by the system at any time. By collecting all kinds of measurement data, sensor data and basic production information of production line, the monitoring and recording of production line operation status can be realized.

2. Operation management

According to the set parameters in the product process, it can analyze the the actual feedback data, energy consumption and consumption data, grasp a large number of data and operation parameters on the impact of product quality. Based on the data feedback, the production process analysis and decision-making are carried out, the operation parameters of the equipment are adjusted in time, and the production efficiency and quality control ability are improved.

3. Intelligent diagnosis

Different color labels can display real-time information such as current processing tasks, processes, current status, number of tasks completed, and completion schedule. Once the control system automatically detects equipment failure, abnormal early warning will be issued; according to the concentration of air dust, fixed-point water mist dust treatment will greatly improve the production line disposal environment.

4. History record

By setting the backstage operating parameters and checking the system log, all the data of the equipment set and feedback and the short-term running curve of the production line can be reviewed at any time. The stand-by time, operation, maintenance and fault can be graphically displayed, which can be used as reference feedback to deal with timely.

5. Video surveillance

Real-time visual surveillance video can be equipped on every equipment, know the production condition freely, the webcam or the hard disk video recorder can monitor the key equipment, the key position, to view the details of the whole and part of the production line.

6. Equipment supervision

According to the data of standby time, operation, repair and failure of a single device, timely know the information such as maintenance or failure is required, so that the operator can be familiar with the operation condition of the equipment. Develop trouble solution as early as possible.

At present, the site has built large garbage disposal system, open up a temporary place to put the large garbage in every community, through community-large garbage disposal center-waste incineration power plant, which makes the local renewable resource waste be reduced effectively and treated separately. After temporary storage and further sorting of large garbage, they are transported to the large garbage removal center. In the large garbage disassembly center, the large waste will be separated into wood, metal, glass, fabric and other wastes by using GEP intelligent large waste disposal production line.

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