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Introduction of double shaft shredder main parts

Double shaft shredder is commonly used in all kinds of solid waste shredding, it takes a very important process to shred the waste, so the quality of double shaft shredder is very important. But what will influence the double shaft shredder quality? The answer are the main parts.

double shaft shredder

What are double shaft shredder'smain part?

Cutters: The cutter is the core part of the double shaft shredder, as the cutters contact the material directly during working. Good cutter will improve the shredding performance and lengthen the working life. GEP double shaft shredder use imported high wear resistant, which has good hardness and toughness, with long working life.

Shredding chamber: The shredding chamber should be must very solid, Gep adopts integrated shredding chamber, only two parts, with high strength, and much easier to repair and maintain compared with other manufacturer’s several pieces to assemble the shredding chamber.

GEP has GI intelligent control system which can monitor the double shaft shredder working condition, the parts working condition, judge the fault in advance, which can greatly save the labour.

double shaft shredder

When you choose a double shaft shredder, you can inspect different brand from the above aspects, double shaft shredder as GEP's main product, we have sold to many countries. Any more questions, please feel free to contact with us.

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