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Introduction of mobile waste tire shredder

With the society and economy development, more and more tires are replaced every year, but most of these black garbage didn’t make good disposal, waste tires that are illegally dumped or improperly stored can pose a serious threat to public costs to residents. Waste tires can serve as a nesting area for pests and a breeding ground for mosquitos which can spread encephalitis and other illnesses. Waste tires can also catch fire and release toxic smoke. So suitable waste tire recycling method is very important and urgent.

waste tire

Double shaft shredder is the main machine used in waste tire recycling, it can shred the waste tire to strips, then are sent to incinerator for power generation, or go to other process, such as thermal cracking, or recycle the rubber powder in the waste tire.

In the past time, most customer use stationary type waste tire shredder, but now, more and more customers want to choose mobile type, as mobile type has many advantages compared with stationary type.

For example it is in compact structure, take small area occupation, GEP mobile solid waste shredding station integrates mobile chassis, diesel engine, feeding, crushing, conveying, magnetic separation and other process equipment. It has compact structure and small overall area. It can start operation without special installation foundation.

mobile shredder

So mobile type waste tire shredder is more and more popular, if you have any questions about mobile type waste tire shredder, welcome to contact us, we can provide professional suggestion.

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