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Is big tire better for recycling?

During tire recycling, we will consider many problems, for example, how to choose the recycling machine, is the process method same to deal with the small car tire and big truck tire? What's the final products content of different size tire. Customers often have such similar questions when start tire recycling.

Today, I talked to one of my customer, he asked is big tire better for recycling than small tire? When doing tire recycling, usually we will disposal several kind of waste tires, small car tire, medium size truck tire, big size tire, and also huge engineer vehicle tire. From the recycling to say, small car tire is the most easy for disposal, because it’s diameter and weight is small, it will be easy for the machine choose. But it is also have disadvantages, as it is small, few steel, rubber can be recycled from small size tire.

waste tire

Big size tire usually need more complex process to recycle, for example, if the tire diameter ≥800mm, before be shredded, the steel bead wire should be pulled out with a bead wire pulling machine, because there are many thick bead wire in the big size tire. And if it is huge engineer tire, it should be cut into several pieces then go to the further process. Though the machine used to recycle big tire will be bigger model, and the process will be more complex, but we can get more recycled products from the big tire treatment. For example, we can get more recycled bead wire and more rubber from big tire recycling and of course more economic interest can be earned.

waste tire recycling

So it is hard to say whether big tire or small tire good for recycling, GEP Ecotech have rich experience on different size waste tire recycling, we can provided special designed waste tire recycling solution based on your demand and provide our experience, come to us if you have any questions about waste tire recycling.

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