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Is it the green travel or solid waste?

Right now, with the booming of sharing economy, the sharing bike has become a new star in big cities, which meets a great development chance. While, the sharing bike with low carbon travel as development concept now is increasingly exposed the environmental problems. Just imagine what kind of trouble the cities need to face if the sharing bikes were abandoned as the solid waste in dozens of cities. The production chain, development chain and benefit chain of sharing bike now are being tested for environmental protection.


This September 7th, Hangzhou government announced the first suspension of sharing bike putting in the market in China. In the following two months, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Ningbo, Chengdu and other cities had announced the suspension of sharing bike putting in the market. In Chengdu city, even the repaired bikes also needed to report to the government before putting in the market again. These series government behaviors for sharing bike management are because the disorderly competition making the environment pollution and public resources were heavily occupied.

Undeniable, the sharing bike brings a great change and success on low carbon travel. But, the named environment protection and innovation sharing bike also has the potential environment problems from its berth to death.

For occupying the market, the sharing bike companies had put in amount of bikes to the market. While these excess bikes occupied lots of the public resources. In addition, these bikes are always parking without orders and not well maintained. All of these bring inconvenient for the common people.

Now one sharing bike contains 25 parts and 150 components like cushion, body frame, wheel, chain, electronic lock. These parts are made of metal, rubber, plastic and etc. The most recycling value part of the bike is body frame made of steel or aluminum alloy products, which price is too low, lower than used paper, to recycle by reclamation depot.

In most area, the service life of the sharing bike is three years. That means, after one year how to handle these scrap sharing bikes is a big problem for cities governors since the sharing bike started from last year. Now there are lot of well known and unknown bikes have been abandoned due to wastage formed a mountain as bikes cemetery, which caused a huge environmental problem.

The production pollution of sharing bikes has been unveiled. Under the background of government strengthening supervision and industry increasing reshuffle, whether the pollution will reduce until disappear or still exist, it is still test the profit chain.

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