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Kitchen waste disposal production line

As an important part of waste classification, kitchen waste disposal is of great significance in promoting the realization of garbage in this area, and has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Therefore, how to do a good job of kitchen waste disposal center project planning is very important. GEP ECOTECH has invested several sets of kitchen waste disposal production lines, and has our own experience and opinions on project planning.

Kitchen waste disposal production line

Kitchen waste is highly perishable and has a bad smell. Therefore, when working in the kitchen waste disposal production line, we should do a good job in sealing the factory area to ensure that the odor does not leak out, and then add the kitchen waste deodorization system to directly purify and filter the odor generated by kitchen waste disposal.

As the overall moisture content of kitchen waste is high, a large amount of leachate is often produced during the treatment. This part of leachate can not be directly discharged into the sewer. Therefore, it is necessary to build a separate sewage treatment pool to treat the leachate again and purify the water resources. This water resource can be reused for vehicle washing.

Our GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal production line combines the characteristics of kitchen waste materials and customer requirements, and has multiple sets of automatic equipment combination combined with GI intelligent system to form a fully automatic intelligent production line. Therefore, we will connect with the owner in advance to guide the customers to visit our production base and watch the disposal equipment on site.

If you have requirement for the kitchen waste disposal equipment, please just contact us, and welcome you to visit our factory and project site!

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