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kitchen waste disposal system: kitchen waste "eat" into the fat soil "spit"

In recent years, the catering industry has continued to develop steadily, and the market scale has continued to expand. However, kitchen wastes are still in the process of being mixed into domestic garbage disposal or disorderly discharge, and have hidden hidden dangers for illegal livestock raising.

Kitchen waste mainly refers to food waste, food and beverage residues, food processing waste, non-reservable animal and vegetable fats and oils and various oil-water mixtures in households, schools, institutions, public canteens and restaurants. It is part of municipal solid waste. Kitchen waste has the dual characteristics of pollution sources and renewable energy. Although it can provide valuable renewable energy, it will also bring a series of environmental pollution problems. The treatment of kitchen waste affects the ecological environment and human health, and has attracted widespread attention from society.

GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal system: kitchen waste "eat" into the fat soil "spit"

After the completion of the trial and operation of the kitchen waste recycling center in various cities, “a lot of discarded kitchen waste” was swallowed every day, and the “baby” that can be used “spitted out” truly realized the recycling of resources. Here, the kitchen waste is put into the intelligent organic waste treatment equipment, after sorting, crushing, dehydration, compression, oil separation and extraction, biochemical and other processes, and finally rolling out the dark brown powder from the exit, you can Used as an organic fertilizer or soil conditioner.

The GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal production line is a resource utilization and harmless treatment system for kitchen wastes with the highest processing capacity, the most advanced technology and high utilization of resources. The kitchen waste garbage disposal adopts the process route of “pre-crushing + magnetic separation + biomass separation + spiral extrusion dehydration”. The process flow is short, the function is complete, and the degree of automation is high, which can ensure that the kitchen waste can be more effectively harmless. Chemical treatment, reduction treatment, to achieve the fine separation of kitchen waste, to ensure smooth operation of the process line, to maximize the satisfaction of the process of production, to maximize the utilization of kitchen waste treatment resources.

GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal system: kitchen waste "eat" into the fat soil "spit"

GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal system adopts imported bearings and multiple combined seals, which has high load resistance and long service life, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the machine. The whole system is in a fully enclosed processing environment, and the fully-closed conveyor is used for discharging, which avoids the leakage of food waste and affects the on-site environment. Among them, the core crusher has the function of automatic overload protection. When the crusher encounters hard materials, it can automatically reverse for a few seconds, and then automatically resumes forward rotation. After repeated reversal within a certain period of time, it can not be broken, and the crushing machine automatically stops the alarm, so that it cannot be The broken material is taken out.

According to reports, after the kitchen waste is transported to the treatment station, the garbage station staff will carry out secondary sorting to remove stones, plastics and other debris, and put it into the GEP ECOTECH kitchen waste disposal system to physically break and sort the garbage. And high-efficiency dehydration, the solid-liquid separation system compresses and separates the waste water and waste gas, and the generated wastewater is directly transported to the sewage treatment plant through the pipe network system for re-treatment, and reaches the standard discharge. The exhaust gas is cooled by the cooling system and filtered to water and discharged to the standard. The decomposed oil is separately collected and sold to a processing enterprise specializing in biorefinery. As a raw material for producing clean energy, the dehydrated solid material is added with effective bacteria for biochemical treatment. It is an organic fertilizer, which can be used as a fertilizer for seedlings and crops to realize the effective use of waste resources, and to ensure the "resources, reduction, and harmlessness" of the kitchen waste.

The organic waste content of kitchen waste is high, which is easy to cause secondary pollution to solid waste. The daily average output data is huge. Reasonable disposal of kitchen waste is an important task that must be strictly controlled and supervised by various departments in China. The policy is conducive to the treatment of kitchen waste, the market demand is still strong, China's kitchen waste treatment industry is promising in the future.

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