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Kitchen waste shredder, disposal process is the key

With the rapid development of China's economy, urban waste treatment has become a problem. According to the characteristics of food waste, fruit and vegetable waste, vegetable market waste and other organic waste, composting can not only realize the stability, harmlessness and resource utilization of organic waste, but also regulate the soil composition and repair the soil. Today, GEP ECOTECH will show you the disposal process of kitchen waste.

Kitchen waste shredder, disposal process is the key

Application fields of kitchen waste shredder processing

1. Family

2. Hotel, canteen, community, market, School

3. Refuse transfer station, refuse compression station

4. Construction of large kitchen waste treatment plant

5. It is used as supporting treatment equipment in landfill, incineration plant and other places.

Process flow of food waste crushing treatment

It is composed of sealed receiving hopper, negative pressure sorting platform, magnetic separator, kitchen waste crusher, drum type screening machine, mixing crushing pulping machine, shaftless screw conveyor, packer, pulping pool, etc. the whole pretreatment system is uniformly installed in the pretreatment workshop.

The food waste collected by the collection truck is put into the sealed receiving bin, and transported to the negative pressure sorting platform through the shaftless screw conveyor, and the bulk metal materials are selected by the magnetic separator;

The sorted food waste is transported to the double shaft shear crusher by screw to crush the organic materials and plastic bags in the food waste;

The crushed materials are transported to the drum type screening machine through the shaftless screw conveyor, and the solid plastics and lunch boxes in the materials are separated and sent to the baler for compression and packaging, and then sent to the domestic waste incineration plant.

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