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Landscaping garbage turned into "green organic fertilizer"

Landscaping garbage mainly refers to dead branches, deciduous leaves, Xiehua, trees and shrub pruning and other plant residues caused by natural leaf litter or artificial pruning. In recent years, with the rapid development of the central city, the green coverage rate of the city has increased significantly, and the resulting landscaping garbage such as branches, fallen leaves, lawn trimmings and more.

Traditional garden waste disposal methods are mainly landfill or incineration, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. Nowadays, the garden litter is crushed and bio-fermented, processed into a green organic medium, and returned to the soil restoration of the green area under the jurisdiction, which effectively improves the problems of insufficient soil fertility, easy compaction and high pH value in Shanghai.

Landscaping garbage turned into "green organic fertilizer"

Handling in situ

The landscaping wastes in the city are not concentrated. It is a high-energy thing to deal with the scattered garden waste. The volume of garden waste is generally large and the texture is soft, which in turn increases the transportation cost of waste. The collection and transportation cost of landscaping waste is too high, making the mobile pulverizer a tool for landscaping waste disposal. It not only reduces the volume of waste, but also facilitates transportation and avoids excessive expenses.

Based on advanced crushing technology in North America, GW series mobile solid waste crushing plant integrates process equipment such as mobile chassis, feeding, crushing, conveying and magnetic separation. It is an ideal equipment for dispersing garbage in the city and suburbs. Its design concept fully considers the crushing requirements of various materials, eliminates the impact of crushing sites, environment, foundation, disposal volume, electricity and other factors on production, and provides customers with simple, efficient, stable and low operating cost crushing equipment.

Landscaping garbage turned into "green organic fertilizer"

Garden waste turns waste into treasure

The landscaping garbage is collected in a concentrated manner and placed in a Jiepu biaxial shearing crusher. After a few minutes of crushing treatment, it becomes a finely divided substance. After the garden garbage is crushed, the workers can put the processed finely divided materials into a high-temperature fermentation machine. After 7 to 15 days of fermentation, the garden garbage can become a good organic fertilizer. These fertilizers can be used for fertilization on the farm to achieve a green cycle and turn waste into treasure. This can not only solve the problem of increasing green garbage after garden pruning, but also solve the problem of trunk recycling and avoid waste.

GW series mobile solid waste crushing station

The GW series mobile solid waste crushing station has built-in diesel engine, which can be produced without external power supply. It has a mobile chassis and is convenient and quick to move. The overall hydraulic drive is efficient and stable, effectively reducing the volume of garbage transfer and improving the efficiency of garbage transfer.

The new model of promoting environmentally-friendly and efficient disposal and improving the efficiency of classification and disposal of landscaping waste is not only high in resource utilization, but also has a small footprint, no secondary pollution to the surrounding environment, and high economic value.

The device adopts GI intelligent technology to control and monitor the whole production process in real time, real-time online operation status monitoring and centralized control, and timely feedback the operation data to the general control center, and remotely diagnose and control the production line through the mobile terminal APP or computer to realize automatic memory. Data analysis, fault prediction, alarm shutdown, linkage control, intelligent maintenance and other functions form an effective early warning mechanism, effectively reducing equipment failure rate and maintenance time, reducing maintenance and operation costs, and greatly improving the operating efficiency of the production line.

With the vigorous development of urban ecological landscape construction in China, the amount of garden waste is also growing at an alarming rate. It can be seen that as an important means of solving garden waste, GW series mobile solid waste crushing station will become One of the high quality garden disposal equipment for renewable recycling.

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