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Large food waste crusher machine Malaysia

Recently, GEP ECOTECH has successfully sent an large food waste crusher machine to Malaysia. The equipment will be used in Malaysia's 80 tons/day food waste pretreatment project, mainly processing food waste generated by restaurants, expired food in shopping malls and supermarkets, and leftovers from food processing plants. Friends who are familiar with GEP ECOTECH know this is just one of GEP's many cases. Here is a brief introduction to the project and related crushing machine.

large food waste crusher machine

80t/day food waste pretreatment project in Malaysia overview :

This project mainly deals with food waste generated by restaurants in urban areas of Malaysia, expired food in supermarkets, and leftovers from food processing plants. According to the customer, the waste pretreatment system can carry out pre-treatment of food waste, including unloading and solid separation, crushing, biomass separation and crushing, etc. After that, the waste can be "transformed" through anaerobic fermentation into natural gas and organic fertilizer. This project can help Malaysia realize the resource utilization and harmless disposal of food waste with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The project is expected to be completed within one year, with a designed daily processing capacity of 80 tons of kitchen waste.

GEP ECOTECH Large food waste crusher machine Malaysia introduction:

The GEP ECOTECH food waste crusher machine can crush all kinds of domestic waste, kitchen waste, and animal carcasses, and extract materials with recycling value through transportation and other technological processes to realize the comprehensive recycling of waste. The purpose of crushing is to increase the relative surface area and speed up the processing of bacteria!

food waste crusher double shaft

Advantages of GEP ECOTECH large food waste crusher machine:

  (1) The bearing is designed with multiple seals to adapt to the humid and oily environment

  (2) Intelligent system control, multiple intelligent monitoring and protection to ensure the smooth operation of equipment

  (3) High alloy cutting tools, long service life; good interchangeability

  (4) The spindle has undergone many heat treatments and high-precision processing, and has strong fatigue and impact resistance

  (5) The key components are made of 304 stainless steel with long service life

For a long time, GEP ECOTECH has always insisted on continuous exploration in the field of food waste crushing and innovation. With its mature product system and perfect service, it has gained wide market recognition. If you have any questions about the large food waste crusher machine Malaysia , please contact GEP ECOTECH for professional support!

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