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Large plastic shredder machine price Philippines

The large-scale intelligent plastic crusher production line in the Philippines is a crushing solution customized according to the actual needs of customers. The crushing line recycling system is designed on the principles of crushing, volume reduction, sorting, and transportation. It is an ideal equipment for resource regeneration and recycling and is widely applicable to the recycling of different waste plastics.

plastic shredder

Since the equipment began to operate, many people have come to ask about the large plastic shredder machine price Philippines. Today we will talk about the factors that affect the price of plastic shredders:

1. Materials to be shred: including size, ingredients, etc.

The plastic waste is very mixed. The crushing strength of plastic shredder with different strengths is very different. Therefore, suitable equipment should be recommended according to the actual conditions of the materials. If the materials are easily shred, lower power is recommended, if there are objects that are difficult to shred, higher power is recommended.

2. Capacity requirements

If output demand is an important factor affecting the price of plastic shredders, for example, processing 1T or 2T in an hour use different types of plastic shredders. Naturally the price is also different.

3. Size of crushed material

The width of the crushed material is determined by the width of the blade. So make it clear what shape you want to crush into and the ideal effect you want to achieve. Different crushed material size, the configuration of the plastic shredder will be different, and different configurations will also affect the price of the plastic shredder.

If you want to know more about plastic shredder machine price Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact us, our sales manager will provide you with a more detailed introduction to this plastic shredding project.

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