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Large scale kitchen waste disposal production line

Up to now, GEP ECOTECH has supplied numbers of large-scale kitchen waste disposal production lines in the market, most of which are district level units. For the kitchen waste disposal in this area, the population in the area is about 500000-1000000, and the daily kitchen waste treatment output is 50-100t, which has made outstanding contribution to the local waste classification and back-end disposal. Today, we will explain to you what our large kitchen waste disposal line looks like?

Large scale kitchen waste disposal production line

GEP kitchen waste production line is to directly import the whole vehicle kitchen waste to avoid secondary transfer out and secondary pollution. The whole vehicle kitchen waste directly enters into the closed kitchen waste disposal production line, and then the finished products are discharged at the terminal. Nearly 20 sets of equipment are designed for the whole large-scale kitchen waste production line to ensure the automatic and intelligent production of the whole production line.

Large scale kitchen waste disposal production line

Kitchen waste has soft and hard, in order to ensure all smooth cutting, our kitchen waste crushing equipment and equipment are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials imported from Europe, which is not easy to wind and hang, has long service life, and has good interchangeability. At the same time, the rear end screw press dehydration equipment adopts frequency conversion drive, which can adjust the speed according to the material, and has a wide adaptability. The compression ratio is large, the dehydration rate is high, and there is no blockage and winding phenomenon, so it can be produced continuously. In order to avoid the leakage of odor and harmful substances in the whole production line, the whole treatment process of kitchen waste disposal production line is fully closed design, with good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of untreated odor. Equipped with professional deodorization equipment, effectively improve the working environment.

The GEP large-scale kitchen waste disposal production line is not only limited to the practicability and adaptability of the equipment, but also comprehensively considers the appearance display type of the equipment, our kitchen waste disposal production line be used as a model project of publicity and education.

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