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Making Up the Eco-friendly Accounts of Shopping Festival, the Green Logistics Have a Rapid Growth

Following the rapid development of the on-line shopping, Double 11 and Shopping Festival have become the best partner. The data shows that, the expree quantity during this Double 11 will reaches one billion units. The cost pressure and environmental protection pressure are increasing sharply by the express packing. In order to deal with it, the government and on-line shopping enterprises will try green logistics.


Intensify the normalization of policy and standard

On August 2016, The State Post Bureau issued the Plan For Promoting The Green Packaging of Express Delivery Industry. This Plan clearly put forward, during the period of thirteenth Five-year-plan, the utilization rate of electronic waybill in express industry increased by 5% annually, the waybill paper consumption will be greately reduced and make the express package material as part of the resource recovery policy support category. At the same time, for the phenomenon of excessive packaging, The Plan encouragesexpress delivery enterprises to explore simple packaging reducing the secondary packaging.

The Ninth Article of Interim Regulations On The Express Delivery (Draft) point out, released on this July, the nation encourages express delivery enterprises and sender using the biodegradable and reusable packaging materials for environmental protection; the nation encourages express delivery enterprises to recycle the express packaging to realize the reduction and recycle of the packaging materials.

In recent days, for the express package polution, the government has issued another authoritative policy standard. On Nov. Second afternoon, the top 10 ministries jointly issued Guidelines On The Promotion ofGreen Packaging for Express Delivery, which will furtherly promote the green express package. And it makes the first week of November as the green express week every year.

Green Logistics Have a Rapid Growth

According to past experience, a huge amount of express rubbishwas left afterevery Carnival. Do the packaging materials become enrivonmental friendly? The reality is lost of enterprises do have their own plans not just the appeal for green package of on-line shopping platform and expree delivery enterprises. Some companies put forward the circulating package bags; some of them recycle the expree boxes; some would like to use the shared express boxes.

The circulating package bags are sealed by the pulling rope. When the customer get the goods, the bags will be take back by the express distributor for circulating use. At prsent, thousands of circulating package bags have been used. In the future, millions of them will be put into the market.

The shared express boxes now is the focuse of people’s attention. It is introduced that the cost of each shared express box is 25 yuan RMB. The average cycle is 6 times per week. The designed service life of each shared express box is one thousand times cycle. The cost of the single use is 0.025 yuan RMB.

It is worth nothing that the concept of consumers is changing along with the green logistics innovation. The enrivonmental friendly and energy saving products are get more and more popular. And we believe the green logistics is coming under the efforts of all parties.

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