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Medical waste crusher for sale

Medical waste and domestic waste cannot be disposed together, because medical waste has a certain risk, so it needs to be disposed separately. Medical waste crusher is the recommended equipment for processing medical waste.

medical waste crusher

The common treatment methods of medical waste are as follows: sanitary landfill, high temperature incineration, high pressure steam sterilization, pyrolysis, chemical disinfection and microwave disinfection.

At present, medical wastes are mainly disposed by harmless high-temperature incineration. After centralized disinfection and disposal of medical waste, the large-scale medical waste crusher will destroy and crush the medical waste. After the treatment effect meets the standard, it will be sent to the waste incineration power plant for power generation. It can be said that it eats waste, but spit out electric, which truly realizes turning waste into treasure.

GEP medical waste crusher can deal with about 4-10 tons of medical waste per hour. The equipment is favored by customers in the process of use. After the medical waste enters the crusher, there is no need for staff to operate manually. The staff can operate the equipment through GI intelligent monitoring system in the central control room.

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