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Ministry of environmental protection: emergency ban on entry of 24 kinds of high pollutants

In July 20th, the paper learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, before the end of 2017, Chinese emergency ban on 4 types of 24 kinds of solid waste entry, including source of waste plastics, vanadium slag, without sorting of waste paper and textile raw materials high solid waste pollution.

A small number of illegal traders have accelerated import (high pollution solid waste) for their own interests, resulting in a lot of environmental problems, and must be severely punished and investigated." Guo Jing, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said.



In July 18th the Ministry of environmental protection files submitted to the WTO said, according to the Chinese General Administration of customs, the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of public security, the State Quality Inspection Administration jointly carry out the "strengthen supervision to crack down on illegal foreign garbage and the Ministry of environmental protection special action" against illegal import of waste environmental special operations, a large number of high pollution and waste hazardous waste, can be mixed in the recovery of raw materials as solid waste, serious pollution of the environment Chinese. "In order to protect China's environmental safety and public health, we should urgently adjust the list of imported solid waste and prohibit the import of highly polluting solid waste."

Guo Jing, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, told a news conference held in July 20th that pollution of the environment and damage to the health of the masses, especially "foreign waste", had reached the point where everyone shouted. Some countries transfer solid waste to other countries, or even illegal exports, in a variety of ways. In fact, the international community in order to transfer the effective control of hazardous wastes between countries in the world, in 1989 formulated the "control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal Basel Convention", China is the signatory to the convention. The Convention stipulates that the export of hazardous wastes must be approved by the competent authorities of the importing countries, and shall not be transferred without the written consent of the importing country, which is also an international means of controlling foreign waste. However, some domestic and foreign illegal traders have illegally imported and smuggled imported goods for their own interests, which have caused a lot of environmental problems and have to crack down on them.

Guo Jing said that China attaches great importance to the import of solid waste management, especially in April this year, President Xi Jinping dedicated hosted an important meeting, considered and adopted the "ban on foreign garbage immigration reform of imported solid waste management system implementation plan". The meeting pointed out that to safeguard national security of ecological environment and people's health as the core, improve the management system for the import of solid waste, different industries and types of legislation prohibiting the import of solid waste classification schedule, batch adjustment of imported solid waste management directory, comprehensive use of legal, economic and administrative means, greatly reduce the recovery of species in the future. At the same time, we strengthen domestic solid waste recycling management, the development of circular economy. It is for this reason, to advance the risk of environmental pollution, the masses are very strong, from the life of some of the park without decomposition of waste plastics, waste papers, textile raw materials, metals and other 24 kinds of solid waste to prohibit the import, and according to the relevant requirements of the WTO transparency obligations in the relevant committee were informed.

Department of the Ministry of education of environmental protection inspector Liu Youbin added, the ministry began to start the fight against illegal import of waste environmental behavior of the special action from July 1st this year, the Ministry of environmental protection, micro-blog official micro signal, the related cases of illegal behavior of enterprise and the basic situation and will be released every day.

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