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Mobile crusher to crush municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste has the characteristics of large quantity and wide area, scattered distribution, complex composition and large regional differences, which can easily lead to a series of urban environmental sanitation problems. The emergence of mobile crushers to crush municipal solid waste has shortened the distance from garbage accumulation area to crushing pretreatment and saved garbage transportation costs.

municipal solid waste

The GW series mobile crusher is independently developed and designed by GEP ECOTECH. Its appearance not only represents the technological innovation of the crusher industry, but also represents the new production mode of the crushing production line. It has become a new generation of key equipment for waste crushing.

mobile crusher to crush municipal solid waste

Advantages of GW series mobile crusher:

(1) GI intelligent technology real-time control, high degree of automation

(2) Convenient and flexible driving, convenient and quick transition

(3) Various configurations and working modes can also be selected according to requirements

(4) The equipment has been improved and optimized many times to effectively control dust leakage

(5) Equipped with dust-reducing and noise-removing devices outside, meeting environmental protection production requirements

GW series mobile solid waste crusher has reasonable structure design and superior crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance meets the requirements for crushing and screening of coarse, medium and fine materials. It is the best choice for mobile crusher to crush municipal solid waste!

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