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New generation double shaft shredder with upgraded quality

In industry 4.0 era, equipment manufacturing industry is undergoing digital transformation. The technical iteration period is getting shorter and shorter. A series of new processes, new technologies and new equipments are emerging. With the increasing demand for solid waste disposal equipment, the traditional solid waste disposal equipment is gradually replaced by new equipment, and the performance of solid waste disposal equipment is continuously optimized and upgraded.


In order to further adapt to the new market changes and meet the new market demand, GEP Ecotech focuses on the field of solid waste resource disposal, actively responds to the market development trend, speeds up product upgrading and transformation, changes to high efficiency and intelligent equipment manufacturing, and gradually forms a batch of high-end solid waste disposal products and systems to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

Version 2.0 double shaft shredder

Through the full market research, project field visit, GEP ECOTECH constantly improve product technology, truly think about customers’ idea, know customers need. Therefore, the new generation of double shaft came out.


From appearance to structure, from entirety to detail, from performance to configuration, the double shaft shredder embodies GEP’s confidence and determination in product upgrading and technological innovation. The new generation of double shaft shredder, after integrating customer demand, advantages and disadvantages of each series of models, has carried on many optimization upgrades on the basis of original equipment, fully meets the customer's request for higher quality of the product, and further helps the customer to create more value.

At the appearance design, the double shaft shredder version 2.0 follows the basic characteristics of GD series shredders’ design, the shape is neat and intuitive, the craft is exquisite, giving people a strong, atmospheric, exquisite visual feeling. From the whole to the details, in the body, lines, colors, craft and other aspects of the treatment are just right, let people feel natural and comfortable. The edges and lines of the equipment are more smooth, and the edges can be designed in a certain arc, so that the overall appearance is more linear, more round, arc design is more safe than the square appearance which can minimize scratches when people touch the equipment.


As a new generation of double shaft shredder, in the whole machine reliability, working conditions applicability, crushing efficiency and other aspects have been greatly improved. The new generation of double shaft shredder positioning high-end, efficient, energy-saving, safety and environmental protection. The new generation double shaft shredder adopts the design of low speed and large torque to meet the needs of many working conditions, the work efficiency is higher, the energy consumption is lower, and the equipment has the advantages of high power, safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Characteristics of double shaft shredder

Safety and stability —— According to the actual working conditions of the project site, a variety of equipment models can be selected by users to meet different working conditions.

Efficient and stable production —— Optimized knife design to reduce crushing resistance; Stronger power, better material passing, improve comprehensive work efficiency

Intelligent maintenance ——GI intelligent patent technology, multi-point monitoring, intelligent maintenance, big data analysis to achieve intelligent operation and maintenance, reduce labor costs.

Quality Assurance —— The core chamber combines several patented technologies, fine design and high quality processing, greatly increasing the service life of the equipment


Continuous innovation, to provide customers with high-quality products and services, is the driving force enterprises’ development. In 2020, GEP ECOTECH will focus on upgrading the main products, optimizing the production line, focusing on improving efficiency and product intelligence layout, catering to market and customer needs, improving production technology, upgrading equipment performance, improving the overall quality and efficiency of solid waste disposal equipment, helping to achieve solid waste reduction, harmless, resource disposal.

Looking forward to the future, GEP ECOTECH will continue to unswervingly implement the "product+ technology" dual-driven development strategy, based on the field of environmental protection, gather innovative talents, face the international and domestic market, develop green technology, using excellent products and services to customers, using technological innovation to drive industrial innovation, strive to become the world's strongest solid waste disposal enterprise.

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Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

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