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NNBP 25MW biomass power plant project enters into equipment commissioning stage, close to production

The global energy situation is becoming increasingly severe, the contradiction of power supply is prominent, and the problem of excessive one-time energy consumption caused by energy production has aroused widespread concern. Biomass power generation as a better way of clean energy utilization, on the one hand, it solves the environmental protection problem, on the other hand, it injects a strong impetus into the increasingly exhausted fossil energy.

Sugarcane is the fifth largest crop in the world and the most important sugar and biofuel in the world. NNBP 25MW biomass power plant project is located in one of the largest sugarcane planting countries in the world, with abundant sugarcane leaf resources. Sugarcane straw resources provide a very favorable resource guarantee for biomass power generation, and lead the electric energy forward to a more environmentally friendly future.


The NNBP 25MW biomass power station project mainly uses sugarcane leaf bundles and sugarcane waste for power generation, which not only protects the surrounding environment, but also produces considerable economic benefits, and provides safe and reliable power for the local area. The biomass shredding and disposal production line configured for the project is designed by GEP ECOTECH, including production line scheme consultation, material testing, production line design, installation and commissioning, worker training, etc. At present, GEP ECOTECH NNBP 25MW biomass power station project has successfully completed the assembly and commissioning work, and it is expected to enter the operation stage quickly.

Compared with traditional coal-fired power generation, biomass power generation has little impact on the atmospheric environment. Compared with coal, the sulfur content of biomass fuel is very low, almost zero. Therefore, in the process of atmospheric emission, the sulfur dioxide content is almost zero. The NNBP 25MW biomass power station project uses the rich sugarcane leaves and trash to generate electricity, which can not only turn waste into treasure, save coal resources, increase the economic income of local sugarcane farmers, but also greatly relieve the local power pressure.

GEP ECOTECH biomass shredding and disposal production line is mainly composed of 3 sets of double-shaft shearing type shredders and multiple chain conveyors. It can crush 40 tons of materials per hour, and the size is less than 100 mm after shredding, making it easy to store, transport and supply in a large scale.


How does GEP ECOTECH biomass shredding production line operate?

The biomass raw materials, such as sugarcane trash, bark and branches, are transported to the workshop by car from the raw material site. The biomass raw materials are stacked in order along the feeding direction of the chain conveyor for feeding. After entering the double shaft shredder, the materials are pushed into the shredder by the upper press for shredding. When the shredder is running, the intelligent control system temporarily suspends the operation of the chain conveyor and temporarily stores part of the raw materials on the conveyor to ensure the continuous and sufficient supply of raw materials in order to avoid the equipment failure caused by the accumulation of biomass raw materials in the shredding chamber. The shredded biomass raw materials are collected on a discharging conveyor, and the output biomass fuel is to be processed in the next process.

In order to ensure the stable operation and production of the equipment in the future, the technical engineer of GEP ECOTECH has carried out hand training for the customer's operators, so that the customer's operators can be familiar with the operation methods of the equipment as soon as possible. GEP ECOTECH strictly controls every link of equipment production, strives for perfection, makes every effort to customize for customers, and passes various tests of customers. Rapid response and precise service also won the praise of customers.

With the accelerated implementation of the major strategic implementation of the "one belt and one way" strategy, GEP Ecotech firmly insists on innovation driven development, constantly consolidating product research and development, promoting product quality intensive projects, market driven product development, and building solid waste disposal high-end product clusters, creating ingenuity and wisdom, embracing competition, seizing opportunities and making new contributions to the construction of green ecology.

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