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Plastic shredder working site in Europe

Plastic waste will make big damage to our earth environment, so good way to dispose the plastic waste is important, recently many customer ask how to operate a plastic waste shredder production line, so today I introduce a plastic waste shredder working site, you many have a better understanding about the plastic shredder production line.

plastic waste

This plastic waste disposal production line is customized according to the actual needs of European customers. The production line is composed of conveyor, primary shredder, magnetic separator, fine shredder and GI intelligent control system. The whole line adopts modular design, which can be freely combined and adjusted according to the different requirements of users, and the automatic production, convenient maintenance are is realized by GI intelligent control system. This series of equipment is the first choice of resource recycling equipment, which is widely used in solid waste resources recycling and other fields.

plastic shredder

Walk into the European plastic waste disposal Center: forklifts send piles of plastic waste to the feed port of the production line, through the feeding conveyor into the first shredding, magnetic separation, and then into the secondary shredding, and after the final sorting, get different kinds of products. The whole productionline is with high automation, only 2 or 3 workers can complete the operation, which saves the material operation cost and labor cost. This intelligent plastic waste disposal production line has won the recognition and praise of users with high quality and strict standards.

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