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Set sail! GEP ECOTECH made a formal departure and sent overseas

On September 20th, GEP ECOTECH Intelligent GD twin-shaft shear crusher was successfully loaded and officially sent to the overseas project site. This successful delivery further proves the superior performance of GEP ECOTECH products, expands the market share and brand awareness of GEP ECOTECH equipment, and lays a good foundation for the company to open up overseas markets.


The GEP ECOTECH GD series double-shaft shear crusher, which is specially designed and developed for the destruction requirements of scrapped fighter parts, is mainly used for scrapping the wearing parts of scrapped fighters into small pieces. Destroy disposal to prevent technical spills. The device adopts "double motor + double reducer" design, which has the characteristics of large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability. The key components of the equipment are all internationally renowned brands, and the production processes and processes have fully met the EU's certification standards, and have been effectively upgraded.


Before the purchase, the customer has contacted many international first-class brand suppliers, and has conducted inspections on product performance, after-sales service, and corporate qualifications. After comparison, the company chose GEP ECOTECH Intelligent Environmental Protection as a partner. Based on the information provided by the customer and the actual situation of the project site, the GEP ECOTECH team provides a complete product and spare parts solution for the product's adaptability and problems that may arise during use. It has been highly recognized and favored by customers, which also makes the customer more Strengthened the confidence to cooperate with GEP ECOTECH.


With the high attention and continuous improvement of the quality of solid waste disposal equipment for many years, GEP ECOTECH's high-efficiency, high-quality, environmentally-friendly design and production concept has been well received and praised by customers, and the overseas map has been continuously expanded. In order to ensure the delivery requirements, the GEP ECOTECH equipment processing workshop has detailed production plans, scientifically organized production, and completed on a regular basis according to user requirements. GEP ECOTECH's precise and refined manufacturing philosophy, the production process is all based on engineering machinery technology manufacturing standards. Products from design to manufacturing, from small parts to large parts, the performance of the whole machine is strictly controlled, the structure of the whole machine is more reasonable, and all performances have reached the level of international engineering machinery.

In the future, GEP ECOTECH will firmly grasp the export opportunities, deepen the overseas market, and accelerate the implementation of the "going out" strategy. With the efforts of increasing research and development and continuously improving the quality of its products, we continue to introduce new series of products, provide users with the required products, and achieve mass sales in overseas markets. The excellent product performance has won praise and recognition from many users. For GEP ECOTECH's intelligent environmental protection, innovative technology and solid products are the cornerstones for carrying all the brand strategies. The company will further expand its international and domestic market share, create internationally renowned brands, and make greater contributions to the development of solid waste disposal.

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