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Shredding straw with industrial shredder

Straw resources are very rich, and comprehensive utilization of straw is an important export to solve the problem of straw. At present, the comprehensive utilization of straw is under great pressure and arduous tasks, and there is still a big gap in the conversion and utilization. The agricultural straw stacked in the field may become a source of fire. How to eliminate this hidden danger? using an industrial shredder to shred and recover the straw is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

shredding straw with industrial shredder

The straw industrial shredder is an indispensable shredding and volume reduction equipment to solve this problem. After the agricultural straw enters the shredder cavity, it can be shredded by the friction between the fixed knife and the movable knife. Become a preset size, this can make the diversified use of agricultural straw.

Features of shredding straw with industrial shredder:

(1) It has a wide range of applicability and can be used to crush various biomass materials such as straw, cotton stalk, and straw

(2) The shearing force is large, the customized knife is strong and wear-resistant, which reduces the maintenance cost of the knife

(3) GI intelligent control system, automatic production, high energy and low consumption

(4) Multiple sealed bearings, effectively waterproof and dustproof, and prolong the service life of bearings

GEP ECOTECH has rich experience in shredding straw with industrial shredder. It provides biomass straw fuel crushing solutions for multiple biomass power generation projects to ensure that the crushing disposal production line meets the crushing needs of customers. If you want to know about straw shredding, don't hesitate to contact GEP ECOTECH!

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