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Single shaft shredder used in domestic waste recycling

Single shaft shredder is often used as secondary shredder in solid waste recycling process, it can shred the material to a fine size, then go the following process, today, let me introduce single shaft shredder used in domestic waste recycling.

Single shaft shredder

Domestic waste includes: residential waste, sanitation waste, wet waste and urban waste. Every day people throw their daily domestic waste into the trash can, then collect it and take it to the nearby garbage collection place. At a certain time, sanitation workers will transport the domestic waste to the garbage disposal center and then concentrate on disposal. Plastic bottles, waste textiles, waste paper scraps, used leather, metals and so on can be recycled.

Usually the domestic waste will be delivery to the double shaft shredder first, after double shaft shredder shredding, the domestic waste are send to single shaft shredder for secondary shredding, the final product size is about 50mm, it can be used as RDF, or other stage is needed for other use, such as to separate the recyclable material other material.

double shaft shredder

Any way, single shaft shredder is an important machine during domestic waste recycling, it is a necessary equipment no matter to make RDF by domestic waste or to recycle the recyclable material from the domestic, it is a irreplaceable machine.

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