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Small double-shaft shredder for sale in UAE

A GD3 small type double-shaft shredder sold in UAE, the shredder is used for cans, bottles and some domestic plastic shredding.

Small double-shaft shredder for sale in UAE

The GD3 double-shaft shredder is compact in structure, stable in operation and convenient in operation and maintenance. It is mainly designed and manufactured for high tensile strength and easy winding of waste paper, plastic, cans. In addition, the whole machine adopts imported and high-quality brand parts, integrated, modular and intelligent design, high load resistance, dustproof, waterproof and antifouling, which ensures the continuous and stable operation of the equipment. The GD3 double-shaft shredder adopts the drive design of single motor and reducer, which can reduce the material size through shearing, tearing and extrusion, to achieve the shredding requirement.

Operation stable, high shredding efficiency, perfect performance, the GD3 double-shaft shredder has been highly praised by the customer.

If you have any requirements for the small type double-shat shredder, you can just contact us, we will provide you with professional solution!

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