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Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!

The high-rise modern plant, set against the blue sky and white clouds, is the site of GEP NNBP25MW Biomass Power Station project. Walk into the biomass power station, you can feel: the whole plant is clean and tidy, the environment is beautiful. In the plant, bundles of straw are orderly transported, high-efficiency shredded, burning power generation.... Everywhere it shows the power station's leanness and high standards.

Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!

The NNBP 25MW biomass power station project is a strong partnership between GEP Ecotech and the world's top 500 company in biomass power generation industry. The project is located in the subtropical climate, straw resources are extremely rich.

Biomass cogeneration project is an important local renewable energy sustainable use project, straw bundles are shredded by GEP biomass shredding and disposal line, directly are delivered to the furnace combustion to generate thermal power. The project is put into operation smoothly, the straw is transformed into valuable electric power, the new field of renewable energy utilization is opened up, and the waste of resources is fully realized into treasure and comprehensive utilization.

Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!

GEP ECOTECH intelligent biomass integrated shredding production line is designed according to customer’s needs, which in line with the actual site production needs, with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, reliable performance, easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection, the straw can be shredded into less than 100 mm, making it easy to store, transport and large-scale supply.

This magnificent "big guy "-GEP intelligent biomass integrated shredding production line, less than a minute to shred one ton of straw, shredding efficiency has completely exceeded customer expectations, which is also the first in the entire biomass disposal industry.

Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!

Since the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties, GEP ECOTECH project team has ensured the project execution with the fastest speed and the best quality. From the pre-site planning, equipment selection, program customization, installation, commissioning and a series of services, constantly optimize and improve each link, according to the plan to successfully complete the task of project commissioning.

Customer highly rated the NNBP25MW biomass power station project went into operation, and thanked GEP Ecotech for its efforts in the construction of the project. They strongly praised the quality service and project management of GEP team, and fully affirmed the technical strength and level of GEP ECOTECH in the field of biomass power generation design, research and development, manufacturing, and said they look forward to more cooperation opportunities with GEP Ecotech in the future.

Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!

Behind Customer’s praise and recognition is the hard work from GEP Ecotech project team. The head of this project said: NNBP biomass cogeneration project officially put into operation, all indicators fully meet the design capacity. The project is a landmark project for GEP to achieve industrial upgrading, which is of great significance to the future development of GEP. We will do our best to provide high-quality and efficient service and guarantee for the project operation. GEP Ecotech will use this as the engine to seize the new opportunity of "made in China 2025" and make important contributions to the implementation of the national" Belt and Road "strategy.

As a high-tech enterprise in the field of intelligent solid waste disposal, GEP Ecotech keeps in mind the mission of "sharing green technology ", takes" lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets "as the guide, innovates and develops intelligent solid waste disposal solution, promotes the recycling of resources, and shoulders the responsibility of the times of ecological civilization construction!

Up to now, GEP Ecotech market share has been rising, the products sell well at home and abroad, and the sales volume has increased rapidly. It is the growing brand influence and fast-rising market position that underpin the company's ever-evolving positioning. In the field of solid waste disposal equipment production and recycling, GEP Ecotech has been recognized by many customers at home and abroad. In the future development, GEP Ecotech will be supported by rich experience and high-end technology to create higher value for more partners!

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