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The broken and waste bike-sharing piled up to become the new questions of environmental protection.

Sharing the bike fit environmental protection, the concept of people, so the government's strong support and the public's wide welcome. However, the enterprise only put on regardless of the behavior of recycling, huge quantity of waste and broken sharing bike will eventually form a new environmental pollution. Sharing bike is the whole society of the people's livelihood projects, but also a new environmental test questions.

According to reports, in 2016, nearly 20 brands put about 2 million shared bicycles, and 2017 is expected to put the total amount is likely to close to 20 million. After the scrapping of these bicycles, will produce nearly 300,000 tons of scrap metal, equivalent to the weight of five aircraft carrier steel. Shared bicycle garbage piled up like mountain, it is only the refraction of 300,000 tons of scrap metal.


In May this year, the Ministry of Transport issued "guidance on encouraging and regulating the development of Internet leasing bikes (draft)", to be clearly bound by the parties involved in the sharing of bicycles. Which determines the city people's government is the responsibility of the Internet rental bike management, "service-oriented, reform and innovation, standardized and orderly, territorial management, multi-party rule" it is the basic principles.

Policy is good, the implementation must force. The "polluter governance", sharing the bicycle enterprises should change the state of disorder that willfully put, take environmental protection and energy saving social responsibility, put in at the beginning of the plan should be broken out, "return bike sharing". Functional departments should strengthen supervision, establish extended producer responsibility system, so that producers and operators responsible for their own products, rather than impertinent, only in the eyes of market and profit, social responsibility behind. To integrate the resources sharing of bicycle operators, to guide the rational and orderly delivery vehicle, investigate and deal with illegal enterprises, trustworthy incentives and promises the establishment of enterprise users and disciplinary mechanisms, and strive to change the past scattered state.

Sharing bicycle is the livelihood project of the whole society, and it is also a new environmental protection examination question. If the road is the green bike sharing the modern city of beautiful scenery, let the bike sharing reasonable recovery and recycling to complete the cycle from start to finish. How to make the bike sharing a mountain of garbage into a pain point to become the new node energy-saving environmental governance, a test of the management of government departments and enterprises to share wisdom cycling responsibility.

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