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The core machine used in bulky waste recycling

During our daily life, when we change the furniture to new one, for example when we change new sofa, mattress, cabinet, how to deal with the old one? This big furniture is called bulky waste, it takes large land and not easy to transport, so suitable bulky waste recycling is important, today, I will introduce the core machine will be used in bulky waste recycling.

bulky waste shredder

Double shaft shredder: double shaft shredder is the main machine used in bulky waste shredding, it can shred the bulky waste into small size, adopting low speed, big torque, has characters of large shearing strength, low noise, high stable.

Chain plate conveyor: Chain plate conveyor is used to transport the bulky waste into the double shaft shredder, as the feeding equipment, it can deliver the material in even speed.

Magnetic separator: Some bulky waste contains metal, for example there are many metal spring in the mattress, after shredding, the spring can be moved out by the magnetic separator, the recycled steel can be sold to the steel factory for smelting again.

Besides the above main equipment, there are also many assistant equipment, for example, dust suppression equipment is used to reduce the dust during production which can reduce the environment pollution. The packing machine is used to pack the shredded bulky waste, the packed material is more easy for transportation.

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