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The message from Ministry of Industry and Information: the next trillion industry is the environment

Economic Observer News reported that, in the report of 19th National Congress of CPC, appears a new key world “Beauty”compared with the report of 19th National Congress of CPC.The issue of environmental protection around “beautiful China” has been hotly discussed. On October 24th, the Ministry of Industry and Information published the Guiding Opinions on Speeding Up the Development of Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (it is called the Guiding Opinions in the following article) to promote the the sustainable and healthy development of China's environmental protection industry. And it said by 2020 the output value of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will reach 1 trillion Chinese yuan.

Environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry provides the technology and machines for environment protection. It will be mainly applied in the industries like iron and steel works, nonferrous metals smelting, chemical industry, building materials and other traditional manufacturing industryfor environment protection alteration. The Ministry of Industry and Information is clear to cultivate dozends of leading enterprises with output value of ten billion and thousand of specialized, fined, peculiar and new medium-sized and small enterprises forming several industrial clusters with strong driving effect and distinctive features.

Solid waste treatment and disposal equipment,resources comprehensive utilization equipment and special instrument for environmental monitoring are pointed as the main industries. And these industries will get great financial support.

According to the Guiding Opinions, one of the prioritized development direction for environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is equipment intelligentization. To promote internet of things, robot, automation equipment and information management software are applied in the production process. GEP ECOTECH intelligent solid waste crushing and recycling equipment as the sample of innovative products, full displayed the advantagesof software testing, intelligent terminals and system monitoring, will be easier to attract customers.


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