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The new employee communication party held successfully

The afternoon of July 7th, GEP Ecotech Co new employee communication tea party held, Participants included several new employees and the head people of relevant department.


The development of the enterprise cannot develop without fresh blood, with the development of industrial civilization, environment pollution, environmental pollution control, recycling of resources by the attention of the relevant government departments, as well as the environmental protection enterprises. According to the market situation and the company's development needs expanding a number of new employees, they are educated, less experience, strong plasticity, large development space, and will become the elite of the company after carefully training, make great contribution to the company.

At the party, new employees open up and speak freely, talk some active life, family and individual campus fun, let everyone in a relaxed atmosphere to know each other better and familiar, meanwhile put forward some problems and suggestions in the work which the new and old employees have deeper thought and benefit. On the party, the head people of relevant department shared their own experience to the new staff, to help them take the first step in career. At the meeting, we made a good record of the meeting, good enterprises must be good at listening to staff suggestions and make effective analysis and adoption.

The meeting ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the tea party make new employees feel the company of everyone's respect and encourage and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, with each person’s effort, the company will goes into a brilliant future.

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