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The Price of Waste Paper is Unstable, Recycling Market is Roaring

According to the data of relevant department, It needs to cut 20 trees that ageing from 20-40 to make 1 ton paper. However, recycling 1ton waste paper can recreate 0.8 ton recycled paper fiber which can avoid 17 trees to be cut. Due to the worse environment in the world, people’s sense of protecting environment is becoming stranger. Thus, for saving the resource and protecting environment, the recycling of waste paper (also called secondary fiber) is catching more attentions of people.

The Price of Waste Paper is Unstable, Recycling Market is Roaring

Recently, with the tightening policy of solid waste importing and the continue high pressure on environment protection, the price of domestic paper is unstable, and the price of waste paper recycling is experiencing big wave. Because the expansion of the domestic demand of paper, waste paper recycling is becoming the focus of this industry. As the recycling economy is becoming universe and the relevant advanced technology is appearing, the waste paper that transported into the factory, after fixing, shredding and recycling, can be made into corrugated paper, cardboard, roll paper according to the needs of market to realize reusing.

So, how to turn waste paper into treasure? The main technological flow chart of waste paper treatment is : Shredding- Purifying- Washing- Heat Dispersion- Bleaching. Among these, the shredding is the first step, so the choosing of a proper machine is of great importance. At present, domestic waste paper shredding enterprise can completely meet the needs of small and medium scale waste paper recycling project and the partial requirement of the large scale project. For example, the single capacity of GEP double shaft shearing type shredder and fine shredder can meet the needs of large scale project. It’s product performance has reached the international level. GEP intelligent waste paper shredding machine can shred used corrugated paper, hard paper, newspaper and cardboard. It is designed for shredding all kind of paper and, to the maximum degree, meeting the needs of customers and providing the overall customized solution.

The Price of Waste Paper is Unstable, Recycling Market is Roaring

In the procession of shredding waste paper, the double shaft shearing type shredder and fine shredder all have their own advantages. The double shaft shearing type shredder makes use of the cutting, shredding and squeezing principle between cutters to product the waste material. It can be used to shred all kinds of solid waste and owns the advantages of great cutting power, excellent shredding result, low noise, good stability. And fine shredder makes use of the principle of the inter reaction of cutter tooth and fixed cutter and the final product size can be controlled by the screen. It can shred, cut and squeeze the material into a small size and the screen can be changed. It also can be applied in wide area and has a high efficiency.

As GEP holds, the wast paper recycling industry will have a good future development environment with the increasing attention, support, constant relevant policy of our government and the improving of recycling system.

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