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The second batch equipment of NNBP 25MW Biomass power station project are successfully delivered

Biomass power generation is a way of direct combustion, mainly using agricultural, forestry and industrial waste as raw materials, the heat created by combustion makes steam drive turbine to generate electricity. The development of biomass energy has long been a global trend, in developed countries, the position of biomass energy is extremely important. Countries all over the world have begun to actively develop clean renewable energy, vigorously promote straw and other biomass power generation.


On May 7 th, GEP Ecotech Co., ltd held the delivery ceremony of NNBP 25MW biomass power station project equipment in the factory. In GEP factory Factory, a fleet full of biomass integrated shredding equipment will be sent to delivered to the customer in the Southeast Asia .


There is a serious shortage of power supply in the location of NNBP 25MW biomass power station project, compared with wind and solar power generation, biomass fuel power generation project is very popular as one of renewable energy. Located in the tropics, is a large agricultural country, making full use of local straw for power generation, will provide considerable electricity to the local.

The project uses sugar cane leaves as combustion material for biomass power generation and converts abandoned sugar cane leaves into treasure , which not only protects the surrounding environment, but also produces considerable economic benefits, and also provides safe and reliable electric energy for the local area. GEP Ecotech is mainly responsible for providing biomass fuel shredding solutions and the manufacturing all the equipment used in the project to meet the shredding needs of customers.



GEP Intelligent Biomass Comprehensive shredding production Line is mainly composed of three double shaft shredder, GI intelligent control system and multiple chain conveyors. The whole biomass shredding production line has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. The size of the material is smaller than 100mm after shredding, which makes it easy to store, transport and supply on a large scale.

How is the Biomass comprehensive shredding production Line working?

The biomass raw materials such as sugar cane skin, tree skin, and branches of various crops are transported to the workshop. The biomass raw materials are stacked for feeding, and then are fed to the double shaft shredder, the upper pusher will push the material to the shredding chamber for shredding. During the operation of the shredder, the intelligent control system suspends the operation of the chain conveyor, and some raw materials are temporarily stored on the conveyor to ensure the continuous materials feeding, and to avoid the equipment failure caused by the raw material accumulation at the mouth of the shredder. The broken biomass raw materials are concentrated on a discharge conveyor, and the output biomass fuel will be processed in the next step.

The delivery of NNBP 25MW biomass power station project equipment is a milestone for Gep Ecotech which represents the strength of Gep ecotech has been highly recognized by foreign customers. It also contributes to the national strategy of "Belt and Road".

In 2019, Gep Ecotech will be focus on the future to manufacture outstanding new products, actively seize market opportunities, build high-end brands in the industry, and lead the upgrading of the industry, will be a important year in the development of the international market. Further enhance GEP Brand advantage in foreign market.

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