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The Zhongyuan district domestic waste sorting center will be put into operation soon, which will play a key role in waste classification

As one of the 46 pilot cities of domestic waste classification in China, Zhengzhou will implement urban domestic waste classification management measures from December 1, which means that Zhengzhou is about to enter the era of mandatory classification of domestic waste.


In addition to focus on front-end waste classification, we should also speed up the construction of end facilities. The sorting center is an important part of the domestic waste classification. The first domestic waste sorting center in Henan Province, the main body of the sorting center has basically completed the project construction, equipment and facilities upgrading, and is expected to be put into trial operation by the end of this year.

At present, the bulky waste disposal line and the waste textile disposal line have successfully completed the commissioning work, and the equipment is in good condition. It is reported that the bulky waste and waste textile collected from each district will be transported to the renewable resource processing center for recycling after being shredding, magnetic separation, sorting, packing and other links in the sorting center, so as to realize the upgrading of domestic garbage disposal from extensive to fine, achieve the purpose of "reduction, recycling, harmless", and turn waste into treasure.


As a key waste sorting project, the Zhongyuan district domestic waste sorting center has been attracting more and more attention. As a professional waste disposal equipment supplier for the waste sorting center project, Gep Ecotech has customized bulky (Garden) waste and waste textile disposal solutions for the sorting center, meeting the requirements of the project for the quality, efficiency and flexibility of the waste disposal production line.


Three advantages of Gep Ecotech help the domestic waste sorting center project construction

Intelligent: Big data online monitoring system

Based on the Internet of things technology, Gep Ecotech develops GI intelligent monitoring system, which is applied in the production line of bulky waste and waste textile disposal. It can realize the remote diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, alarm and predictive maintenance of equipment fault, and equip "intelligent brain" for waste disposal.

Gep Ecotech intelligent monitoring system perfectly integrates shredding machinery and sophisticated intelligent technology to provide customers with three control modes: automatic control, local manual control and remote operation control, which makes the operation and maintenance more intelligent and convenient. With the help of APP mobile terminal, managers can monitor the operation anytime and anywhere, continuously collect and record the data of multiple equipment monitoring points in real time online, replacing the previous manual record and repeated query work, saved labor cost.

Environmental protection: energy conservation and environmental protection configuration

Environmental protection is a hard requirement for bulky waste disposal. GEP Ecotech has studied every design link of the solid waste disposal production line carefully, presenting the best state of high efficiency, green and energy saving. Among them, the core equipment of bulky waste shredder is designed with low speed and large torque, with low operation noise and high stability. The conveying equipment of the whole disposal line is designed with closed structure to avoid secondary pollution. In addition, a professional intelligent dust control system is equipped in the production line to control all dust producing points, improve the working environment and facilitate sustainable development.

Efficiency: one stop solution

Gep Ecotech firmly establishes the concept of ecological priority and green development, and continues to build a refined waste disposal mode. Relying on rich waste disposal experience, Gep Ecotech provides customers with a one-stop solution with high efficiency, energy saving, cost optimization, duration guarantee and after-sales worry free, from scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to professional intelligent operation and maintenance services. According to the actual situation of the project and the composition of domestic waste, different scale waste production lines are adopted, all kinds of waste disposal equipment are scientifically designed and reasonably arranged, and the resource utilization ratio is high.

As a leading enterprise focusing on the field of solid waste disposal, Gep Ecotech has been developing towards the refined route of solid waste disposal equipment R & D and production from the very beginning, accelerating the transformation and application of innovative achievements, and realizing the transformation and upgrading of technological breakthroughs, product manufacturing and industrial development. Today, Gep Ecotech can provide customers with a complete set of equipment design and manufacturing technology solutions for bulky waste disposal, waste tire disposal, waste textile disposal, etc., which has formed a greater market advantage at home and abroad.

Gep Ecotech adheres to the development concept of "sharing the green technology", and strives to build the Zhongyuan District domestic waste sorting center into a national waste classification model project, providing experience that can be used for reference, copied and promoted for the national domestic waste classification and recycling.

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