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Three main methods of bulky waste disposal

Bulky waste is the general name of sofa, mattress and furniture. With the progress of garbage classification, various places require waste reduction, reduction and resource utilization. In view of the large garbage treatment, they are also trying to promote the integration of the two networks. We will try to make the large garbage resource utilization and broken disposal. For the three mainstream disposal methods of large garbage, we will work together let's learn.

Three main methods of bulky waste disposal

One is to decompose and subdivide large pieces of garbage into wood, metal (mainly mattress spring), sponge, fabric and leather by manual splitting. Leather and fabric that can not be recycled are usually broken and burned. Wood and sponge can be packed and sold, and metal can be directly sent to scrap steel treatment plant for sale. The disadvantage is that the labor cost is high and the dismantling is very high. The solution efficiency is low, and the advantages are that the disassembly is relatively clean and the utilization rate is high.

The second method is to crush all the materials through the large garbage crusher, and then separate out the metal by magnetic separation, and then transport all the remaining materials for incineration. The advantages are obvious reduction of volume and reduction, high processing speed and high efficiency, and the disadvantage is low resource utilization rate.

The third method is to shred sofa, mattress, furniture, etc. in series with multiple large pieces of garbage crushers to make it as small as possible. Then, sponge, fabric, wood and metal are separated by separator, which realizes automatic disposal by mechanization, reduces labor, improves disposal speed and quantity, realizes resource utilization and high investment cost

Through the above description, we can see the rationality of the three different disposal methods, that is, different regions, different needs, different budgets and different purposes determine which mode to adopt, which can be used for reference by each place. GEP ECOTECH is a professional manufacturer of large garbage crushing equipment, which can provide targeted solutions for different needs in different regions. If you are interested in large waste disposal and want to know more about equipment problems, please contact me directly!

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