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Vigorously develop the biomass cogeneration projects to write a new chapter of green energy

At present, biomass energy accounts for 14% of the world's main energy consumption, is the fourth largest energy source after fossil energy coal, oil and gas, and is the only energy resource that can provide three forms of fuel, gas, liquid and solid, with the characteristics of wide distribution, cleanliness and renewability.


Good policy promote biomass cogeneration project in rapid development stage

The development of biomass cogeneration project plays an important role in promoting the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society and realizing the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, which is an important way and measure for the construction of ecological civilization. This is in line with this year's government work report that "continue to promote pollution prevention and control ," do a good job of clean heating in northern areas ," and so on.

The development of biomass cogeneration is a national benefit, energy saving and emission reduction, precision poverty alleviation project, and also a typical comprehensive utilization of resources and recycling economy development model. The development of biomass cogeneration projects is conducive to increasing the proportion of renewable energy, optimizing and adjusting the structure of energy consumption, solving the problems of waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by straw waste and incineration, and has a positive effect on the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes, the control of environmental pollution, the reduction of heating enterprise costs, and the promotion of financial and farmers' sustained income increase, which has important social and environmental benefits.

Biomass shredding pretreatment system open green efficient recycling

Based on the strong manufacturing advantage of solid waste disposal equipment and the unique concept of intelligent solid waste disposal, GEP ECOTECH responded positively to the national policy, independently developed and designed a more mature technology and more advanced biomass shredding pretreatment system, which has the advantages of high efficiency and stable production, reliable performance, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and can break the straw into less than 100 mm, to make it easy to store, transport and supply in large scale.

The whole biomass shredding pretreatment system has a precise and compact structure, improves the efficiency of crop straw shredding, and effectively avoids material winding and clogging. The crop straw flows into the feed port from the conveyor belt in turn, after shredding, sorting and then are delivered to the furnace, the chemical energy is converted into heat energy, and the steam turbine is used to drive the generator to generate electricity, which is incorporated into the power grid. These biomass fuels have high calorific values and are clean and environmentally friendly when burned in biomass boilers.

Among them, the GD double shaft shredder, which is called "efficiency king ", has been upgraded to improve the feeding structure and crushing structure of the shredder, low speed and large torque output, obvious power advantage, high shearing efficiency, solved the production problem of biomass shredding industry.

In addition,GEP biomass shredding and sorting system adopts chain plate belt conveyor feeding, which can automatically adjust the feed speed according to the main motor load, avoid no-load operation, feed more smoothly, and greatly increase the output, which is the ideal first choice equipment for biomass power plants.

As for the operation of the production line, GEP use information technology such as mobile Internet, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing to launch a GI intelligent monitoring system, through real-time monitoring of the overall operation data and analysis of the production line, timely understand the operating state of the equipment, to achieve intelligent, digital and refined production line monitoring management.

NNBP 25MW biomass power generation project plays "green notes" in Southeast Asia

Gep NNBP 25MW Biomass Power Station is located in Southeast Asia, which is an important local renewable energy sustainable use project. This project is a strong alliance between GEP ECOTECH and the world's top 500 enterprises in the field of biomass power generation, mainly using sugarcane leaf bundles, sugarcane waste for power generation, straw bundles through biomass pretreatment system: shredding, sorting, directly transmit to furnace combustion to generate thermal power generation.


With super shredding efficiency, accurate monitoring ability, smooth and efficient performance, GEP biomass shredding and sorting system is deeply impressed by customers. In less than a minute to shred a ton of straw, shredding efficiency has completely exceeded customer expectations, this is the first in the entire biomass disposal industry.

The project leader has repeatedly praised GEP team for its excellent service and fully affirmed GEP’s technical strength and level in the field of design, R & D and manufacturing in the field of biomass power generation, and expressed his expectation of more cooperation opportunities with GEP ECOTECH.

Make well-grounded development, Step forward

As a high-tech enterprise with recycling of resources as its own responsibility, GEP ECOTECH has continuously strengthened technological innovation and investment, which provides a good platform support for technology research, talent training, technology exchange, product reliability verification. At present, GEP has signed cooperation agreements with Zhengzhou University and Tongji University to open up comprehensive cooperation in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the introduction of talents and intelligence.

GEP ECOTECH insists on implementing the "30+24+365" service standard: in 30 minutes to respond to customer consultation and give technical advice response ;in 24 hours to send after-sales engineers, on-site processing ;365 days no rest throughout the year, to receive service consultation requests. GEP always takes the customer's demand as the starting point, provide the high-quality product, the intimate service to promote the solid waste disposal industry development, to promote the beautiful China environment construction.

In the future, GEP will continue to be the vanguard in the field of solid waste disposal, bearing in mind the mission of "sharing green technology ", take" Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets "as the guide, innovate and develop intelligent solid waste disposal solutions, promote recycling of resources, continuously upgrade products, strive to become respected environmental protection enterprises, shoulder the responsibility of ecological civilization construction, and strive to contribute to the construction of innovative countries and the world's scientific and technological power.

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