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Waste Plastic Shredder for Sale in Vietnam

Plastic waste refers to waste plastics or products in daily life and other activities which are pollute the environment. Waste plastic products have become one of the main components of municipal solid waste. It is urgent to disposal plastic waste.

Waste plastic shredder application

Waste plastic shredder for daily use: plastic water cups, tablecloths, baby diapers, waste plastic bags or artificial leather bags, plastic cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, etc.

Waste agricultural plastic products: waste plastic film, mulching film, pesticide bags or bottles, etc.

Disposable plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam for filling, plastic lunch boxes and tableware, etc.

Introduction of waste plastic shredding line in Vietnam

Client: Plastic waste recycling company of Vietnam

Material: waste plastic

Final Product size after shredding: 30mm

Capacity: 4t/hour

Solution: feeding belt conveyor – double-shaft shredder – transfer belt conveyor – magnetic separator – single-shaft shredder – discharge belt conveyor

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Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

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