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Waste to treasure, add green engine, waste tire recycling prospect is bright

Relevant experts pointed out that, as waste tires accounted for more than 60% of waste rubber products, therefore, the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber mainly refers to the processing and recycling of waste tires. Our country has listed the recycling of waste tires as the key development areas, and has decided to fully support the recycling of waste tires from the formulation of laws and regulations, tax incentives and the provision of discount loans.

China is the world's largest tire production and consumption country, but also a major producer of waste tires. In 2015, the world's tire output reached 1 billion 980 million, while the world produced about 1 billion 500 million scrap tires each year. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of waste tires produced in China is about 330 million, and the weight is 12 million tons. Waste tire, waste rubber China produced annually, with 8% - 10% of the rate increased sharply, becoming a kind of new pollution can not be ignored.

The storage of waste tires occupies a large amount of land resources, which can easily breed mosquitoes, spread diseases, worsen the natural environment, and cause fires. The recycling and reuse of these tires has been a topic of concern for governments and the industry all over the world. On the other hand, waste tires "is a treasure, can produce reclaimed rubber, rubber asphalt, waterproof materials and other products, at a high temperature, can also be extracted from oil, gas, carbon black, iron and steel industry or direct heat utilization, great potential. It can be seen that the waste tires called black pollution have been dealt with well and are renewable resources. If they are not handled properly, they will become poisonous and harmful waste. How to prevent the waste tires from polluting the environment and to recycle them effectively is a problem that must be solved for the sustainable development of China's economy.


At present, the domestic tire recycling industry started late, small scale and scattered, low level of development of the industry. Therefore, to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of waste tires, speeding up the development of China's old tire renovation, waste tire recycling is an important measure to ease China's shortage of rubber resources, but also an inevitable choice for the development of circular economy in rubber industry.

The "black pollution" caused by waste tires is necessary to arouse the attention of relevant departments, and timely introduced targeted solutions, as soon as possible to standardize the waste tires stacking and harmless treatment. On the one hand, should establish legal standards or industry standards, promote the recycling of resources in this area; on the other hand, the waste tire transportation, storage, disposal and reuse of strict licensing system, the introduction of policies to encourage enterprises to enter the field of standard tyre recycling waste tire recycling, and give some subsidies, improve informal enterprises through economic levers actively engaged in the recycling industry. In addition, you can refer to the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries and regions, the practice of waste tires for all-round environmental protection and reuse.

In short, the relevant departments shall conduct research and demonstration as soon as possible, through the top-level design and optimization of industrial structure, including the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, standardize the waste tire purchase, storage, transportation and processing, scientific and effective to address this problem, do not let the waste tire become the new "black pollution", an impact on public health and the new environmental governance stumbling block. Although the waste tire recycling industry is facing a difficult task and greater pressure, but from the perspective of macro economy, the status of rubber resources shortage difficult to change, as well as the national policy guidance and constantly improve the recycling of resources, waste tire recycling industry will usher in an important period of rapid development.

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