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What's the key component of a waste tire recycling plant?

When you do the waste tire recycling business, when you are ready to purchase the waste tire shredder, you may compare many suppliers to compare there quality. But do you know what's the key component of a waste tire recycling plant will influence the quality? Let's have a look through the double shaft shredder used in waste tire recycling.

waste tire shredder

First important part of the tire shredder is the main shaft, the main shaft undertake the pressure of material shredding, so the main shaft material and the design is very important. GEP Ecotech tire shredder use high quality main shaft material, which with big torque and strong impact resistance.

Secondary important part is the movable cutter, the movable cutter plays important role during tire shredding, GEP Ecotech use imported Nicrmo alloy steel, the hardness is high, can shred many difficult material and has long working time. And can be repaired for there times after worn, the totally service is about 2 year, which greatly reduced the cost of operation.

The third important part is the shredding chamber, GEP Ecotech shredded chamber has four patents, the entire chamber is more strong and with long working life, commonly the shredder chamber service is more than 30 years, and the entire chamber is more easy for maintaince or repair. If the shredder need to be repaired or change the movable cutter, only to loosen the coupling between the shaft and the speed reducer, then lift up the upper chamber. Many suppliers use six or eight pieces steel plate, connected with bolts, it is not stable enough, and not easy for maintaince.

There are also many other aspects will influence the quality of the waste tire quality, GEP Ecotech will always provide customers high quality waste tire recycling plant.

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