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What are the complete sets of equipment in the bulky waste disposal production line?

What are the components of the bulky waste disposal production line? How much is the price of the complete set of equipment? Next, I will analyze the equipment of GEP ECOTECH bulky waste disposal production line, and recommend reliable good equipment for you.

According to the characteristics of bulky waste, a complete set of bulky waste disposal production line is mainly composed of metal chain plate conveyor, double shaft shear crusher, iron remover, dust control system, intelligent control system, etc.

What are the complete sets of equipment in the bulky waste disposal production line?

In order to solve the problem of bulky garbage, GEP ECOTECH develops and designs intelligent bulky waste disposal production line by combining mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and intelligent technologies. Intelligent large waste disposal production line is composed of three parts: conveying system, crushing system and magnetic separation system. It adopts GEP intelligent and visual technology to realize intelligent monitoring, intelligent protection, intelligent maintenance, fault prediction and other functions of the equipment.

The equipment in the bulky waste disposal production line

Heavy chain plate conveyor -- using a series of chains fixed on the traction chain to provide traction, using metal plates as the carrier to carry materials along with the horizontal or inclined direction.

Double shaft shear crusher: the cutting edge adjacent to the moving blade on the cutter shaft forms shearing, the cutting between the moving knife tip and the cylinder surface of the spacer sleeve, and the tearing formed by the torque and speed difference of the cutter shaft, so as to achieve the crushing effect.

Intelligent control system: timely understand and master the operation process of the equipment, which is convenient for early detection, early identification and early troubleshooting, so as to avoid further damage to the equipment.

Iron remover - installed on the top of the discharge conveyor belt, can effectively remove the ferromagnetic materials mixed in the bulk material.

Dust reduction system: according to different equipment and working environment, different dust reduction methods are adopted to realize comprehensive dust control, and the effect is remarkable.

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